Khuduga HD is a new TV channel in Botswana, which is preparing for its official launch in April 2017. Khuduga HD came about as the result of the digital migration process that enabled more channels to be available on the spectrum. Khuduga HD is a full spectrum channel offering a mix of programming on national level. The name “Khuduga” is steeped in the local language and culture – literally meaning to migrate or to move. This movement is what we are – a new national channel that will be authentic, filled with local programming and talent. Khuduga HD is here to entertain viewers with authentic local programming and talent. International programming will make up to 30% of our line-up. These will be carefully chosen international programmes that fit well with our target market.

Channel Access and Frequencies

Khuduga HD is accessible both on satellite and terrestrial.
Khuduga HD satellite frequency parameters:
Frequency – 12535
Symbol rate – 16166
FEC- 2/3
Polarity – horizontal
Khuduga HD terrestrial frequency parameters
Auto scan/tune after connecting digital terrestrial antenna.

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